Why WOW is not being overtaken by imitators

As a senior player of WOW as well as the longtime supporter, I always concern about the news and trends of this favorite game from igxe.com. Since World of Warcraft come out, the game has been considered to be the king of the MMORPG. Almost a century has passed, blizzard’s name was again on the plating gold, the name of WOW is quietly sitting upon a throne, and it shows disdain for the challengers who want to take the title from its hand.

There are so many games come over these years, once called itself a “wow killer”, but in the end, but only left bare bones. Even blizzard themselves also felt the pressure from the free market, world of war craft has never lost its crown, wake up again and again, and make the counterfeiters down.

But why the game had never been overtaken by these imitators? And even if WOW has its shortage, it’s still the king of MMORPG game in the world. From my own experience and the discussion of other net friends in the igxe, I have summarized the two most basic reasons.

Before the WOW come out, most of the online game is not easy to get started. For some of the games, the complex is the sort of thing to attract players. In the end you want to know what you are doing, you will get satisfaction and a sense of pride; you feel yourself overcome numerous challenges in the game, some of the challenges exist in the early and late game. Early warcraft is actually the same, but after it has been experienced a modified many times; it’s now very friendly to the novice players, perhaps this is not a bad thing.

Although lower difficulty can lead to some hardcore player’s alienation of war craft, but also for the game brought millions of new blood. In simple terms, the world of war craft is the world’s most easy-to-use MMORPG. Soon, most of the players are fixed in warcraft users; these people all have the potential to become a “senior player “.

And, I admit that the WOW is not suitable for everyone. I was AFK a few times, mostly because of boredom. But recently, however, I once again ignite the passion of playing the game and get much favorable terms from igxe.com. Why is that? Because interesting, and very interesting. Every profession has its own unique style and gaming experience, which covers almost all game play as you can think of.