Fast Pace of Game Is still the Strength of FIFA14

Recently, the FIFA series has always been to encourage clever ground offensive, but for the improvement action is more suitable for stimulus response. This is the most characteristic of the FIFA series has been performance aspects: early goal, quick rhythm and a large number of final goal. It is not to say that the game is without tactical elements, but the tactics are not “FIFA” strengths, and the performance of fifa 14 also illustrates the FIFA series’ strengths is a fast-paced game.

The diversity of the FIFA 14 is also unprecedented: single game, the whole season, network game, highlights of this week, professional mode, and technical game mode. Based on these, the fifa 14 Ultimate Team becomes the most popular game model. Add a lot of small but useful element in the game – network single-game finally in this regression, means that even if your time is limited, can also enjoy the pleasure of football. Game league also rose to 10, which makes the bigger size of challenge to players.

In addition, this year the latest user interface also especially in the ultimate team mode. The interface is very simple, convenient, and very practical. Browse the transfer market is unprecedented convenience. Looking for the feeling of the players has never been so follow one’s inclinations. And how much fifa 14 coins you need to prepare for your ideal football player is clear at a glance. It may sounds like a small improvement, but also calculates a surprise for the players.

The biggest change of ultimate team is relationship system, brought a little breath of RPG to sports games. The relationship between each other in the ultimate team always feel some redundant in the past, but now you can decide the style of players. You can classify each player, doing this will slightly change the player’s main data. Such as “artist” will change the player’s passing and dribbling, while “the sentinel” increase the defense and header. They like the skill tree, and the data also will increase over time. These styles can be mixed according to the style of your team.

This is a very good change, let more complex in the relationship system. If you’ve never tried to ultimate team mode, then the FIFA 14 is a best time to start. You can get more information about fifa14 if you pay close attention to