IGXE Competitive Clause No.1: Instant Delivery Guaranteed

In the next several articles, igxegold.com will share some competitive clauses on IGXE.COM. In this one, we will tell something about delivery. Internet shopping is not strange anymore. Most of the people have the online purchasing experience . Usually, the webmaster will give lots of guarantee clauses such as “Best service, fast delivery, full refund, no scam etc” on their website pages to make people trust them. IGXE also has their guarantee clauses: 5 Hours Delivery Guaranteed, 100% Handwork Guaranteed and 7/24 Customer Service.

IGXE.COM is a virtual products websites, which has established for 9 years. They sell all kinds of game currency, item, power leveling and accounts. On their website, there has a clause “ 5 hours’ delivery, or 5% extra free gold for compensation”. IGXE makes this to give the promise to their customers that they will finish orders very quickly and safely.

“In the virtual market, the speed will decide who is the winner.” The IGXE product department manager told us, “The condition that players will go to purchase gold is that they want to buy items in the action house. If the order was delayed, they may miss the chance to get their loved items. At this time , the customer will ask for refund. Then this order can not be finished any more and we will loose the reputation in this field.”

Waiting is one of the most annoying thing. Everyone has different purpose to buy things either online or offline. But they have the same desire to get the order as soon as possible. IGXE is trying their best to finish every order within 5 hours. Actually, some popular games like wow, SWTOR, FFXIV and GW2 etc. can be finished within one hour. Thanks to this 5 hours delivery guarantee, IGXE attracted lots of customers.

If you are still worried about your game out of the stock, you can visit their 7/24 customer service. The representative will tell you if they have the stock in the chat room.

About igxe.com
IGXE.COM is the top brand of the in-game service. He was established about 9 years ago. He provides with game currency, items, power leveling and CDKey. Its aim is to offer safe and secure service to his customers.