Parsing of Three Upgrade Methods in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is full of various opportunities to upgrade, such as the basic way to upgrade: task. On the map is littered with hundreds of thousands of tasks waiting for players to accept; some of them are preparation for a particular career or vice of the career, have a plenty of with national characteristics. Anyway, you can always find a task to gain experience. Have very big difference between each task, reward is also largely depends on the difficulty of the task. A simple task may only reward hundreds of experience, and some task take days will reward thousands of experience. Novices can find their needed task in the fresh village, and easily through the first 5-10 level.

Mission in Final Fantasy XIV is task randomly appearing on the map, such as to kill amount of monsters, or to kill a few elite, and elite strange bodies’ will fall with all kinds of special loot. Mission often randomly appear on the map, has been a marked the purple or pink circles. Each mission is time-limited, so when you find one, don’t hesitate, just join it. In most cases, the mission needs to be done more than one person at the same time, and the level of monsters will often be higher than the monsters’ level around, so in the absence of confidence, do not easily step into the scope activated of the mission.

Copies are some of the special region has complete index requirements. Every pass a copy, you will get a lot of experience rewards as well as ffxiv gil, the high quality of booty, copy and a variety of unique items. Enter no need to meet the requirements of any hard copy, but you’d better take a Tank, a few treatments, there is also several output character. Most of the copy is based on a series of small battles and some small Boss war, in the final will meet the big Boss, after take out big Boss, copy is basically passed the level.

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