Secret In IGXE.COM Promotion Activities

Internet shopping is not strange anymore. Most of the people have the online purchasing experience . Usually, the webmaster will give lots of guarantee clauses such as “Best service, fast delivery, full refund, no scam etc” on their website pages. However, dissatisfaction never goes away. Disputes and complaints could be found everywhere in all kinds of forum or social websites. Recently, I made some survey about this in some virtual products websites. The most special one is a website named as IGXE.COM.

IGXE.COM is a virtual products websites, which has established for 9 years. They sell all kinds of game currency, item, power leveling and accounts. On their website, there has a clause “ 5 hours’ delivery, or 5% extra free gold for compensation”. I think this will attract lots of customers. The customers will get their gold no more than 5 hours, or they will be treated with 5% extra free gold. How yummy! Why there are still many complaints about “ no delivery or long time to send or not do as described” etc. With the confuse, I made several orders on IGXE by popular and unpopular games. Some orders were finished very quickly, no more than 30mins. But the rest order had been delayed for 24 hours and no compensation. I got to know the reason after I talked with their customer service in the live chat room. You will get to understand when you click IGXE gold page. There are part of the games marked 5 hours’ delivery. All mystery is uncovered.

Actually, I believe that there are many website promises have some little secrets in it, not only IGXE. When the Christmas day comes, everyone gives their promotion sweet. Maybe, you will be very happy when you see 50% off. I am sure that you will be soon disappointed by “UP To”. This is merchants’ tricks.

Here I would like to suggest you check it in IGXE live chat roon when you purchase your game gold or items. Make sure that IGXE has the stock for your orders, then make your decision. It is the same when you shopping in the mall. Be careful with their little tricks.