Weapon Skill Let the Combat More Interesting in GW2

My world, are fighting! The combat in “Guild wars 2” is flexible, the rolling set of weapon will make you more rich, traditional methods of pastoral setting of MMORPGs will disappear, every profession, every weapon skills can be free chose and free combination, the rhythm of team match will be more lively and free! Igxegold.com will share the charm of “guild wars 2” weapon skill with you following.

In guild wars 2, the role of the weapon is divided into different types according to different forms of holding, one hand, the deputy, and at the same time, the hands, arms determines the role of the first five skills, every time a player is equipped with different weapons, skill bar top five skills change accordingly. Two-handed weapons determine the five skills, main hand depends on the first three one-handed weapon skills, and deputy weapon determines two skills.

When the use of certain types of weapons for the first time, all five of your weapon skill will not unlock, you need to by continuing to use this weapon to kill a certain number can unlock these skills gradually. Although skills have no level itself, the effect of the skills will improve with the improvement of players’ level.

One of the largest difference of the weapon skill of GW2 is the use of skills may produce new combinations and effect! And skill sets need certain skills of a profession or a player with a different professional player to trigger. For example, if you are an element of skill when you use a rod with a fire wall, just next to the rider to shoot arrows with a bow and arrow, at that time when the arrows fly through the fire wall will become a series of rockets, hit the enemy fire damage. If beside the fire wall using cyclone axe will become to cast a fireball. The binding energy of weapons and environment produce infinite change, make the combat more interesting!

In GW2, you will surprise that skills will be transformation and change multiterminal as weapons and environmental, and originally your skills can be so colorful! As the loyal supporter of GW2, Igxegold.com believe that this excellent RPG game will always attract many players with so much creative characteristics. Wish it will give players much more surprise and perfect game experience.