It Is Good To Have The Confirmation System For Websites Like IGXE.COM

Most of the people are familiar with the verification ways of some organizations, like the phone verification, pictures verifications and so on. While, IGXE which focus on some international game items, like gold , item, and CDK, etc. Most of you must have heard of them, if you do not, well, i have to say that you are really out of date. However, it is not important that whether you did not know them or not. What i want to talk about is their “annoying” authorization system.

The time you place an order on IGXE gold page, your “nightmare” begin. A series of questions, who place the order? Who is the card holder? What is the relationships between you and the card holder? Oh geez, that is crazy. If you failed to answer the phone, another “nightmare” begin, no matter it is morning, noon, night, when you are sleeping, eating, washing or your baby is crying, your pet is shouting, you are driving , working, the phone rings.

Well, Stop complaining. Will you scream that if your credit card was used by someone else without your permission? Tons of money run out of your account like flood. When you want to order a pizza, rent a house, afford a car, a tragedy happened. However, if your credit card was unfortunately used by someone else on which you do not permit, i have to say that you are so lucky, because they have to talk with you yourself to make the authorization. Obviously, unauthorized payment! Your money stay still in your account. It was stopped by them. Good jod they did!

In a word, how to read the two sides of the coins, i believe, everyone has its own mind. You choose to protect the safety of your account or short peaceful of your life? After all, the fortune and misfortune are always bound together. One thousand readers have one thousand Hamlet.