The Relationship System will be More Complex in FIFA14

If you often play the football game FIFA series from EA, then you must know the FIFA series has the tradition of Ultimate Team; this year’s FIFA 14, this model will be easier than ever to make you mad.

For the broad masses of fans, if you want to put all your favorite stars gathered in a team, it’s a mission impossible! However, in the latest EA Sports football game fifa 14 Ultimate Team, impossible will become possible!

In FIFA, “the ultimate team” model will real-life football player into a piece of card, the player can through the game or use fifa 14 coins in the game to win, purchase, auction and trading players. In the game, players can according to individual be fond of to form a snare the world football star team, Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema and Claudio Marchisio anyone can be a member of the team, you this for like football players has extraordinary appeal. In order to better manage their star team, of course, buying the right players, game players also need to hard to win a prize, of course, in the early stages of the model to earn bonuses and fifa 14 ut coins also is relatively easy.

The biggest change of ultimate team is relationship system, brought a little breath of RPG to sports games. The relationship between each other in the ultimate team always feel some redundant in the past, but now you can decide the style of players. You can classify each player, doing this will slightly change the player’s main data. Such as “artist” will change the player’s passing and dribbling, while “the sentinel” increase the defense and header. They like the skill tree, and the data also will increase over time. These styles can be mixed according to the style of your team.

This is a very good change, let more complex in the relationship system. If you’ve never tried to ultimate team mode, then the FIFA 14 is a best time to start. You can get more information about fifa14 if you pay close attention to