Secure Identity Confirmation System On IGXE.COM

Have you ever been required documents verification when shopping on a website? I read many reviews about IGXE that they require documents verification if some of your order information against their automatic system. I don’t know what kind of order information is good to IGXE. I think IGXE just want to make sure that the payment is authorized by the credit card holder, that is exactly the representative from IGXE.COM says, however, I trust them. It is a way of protect the buyer’s billing information. As we all know, many credit card frauds happen in recent years.

You may think it’s ridiculous to ask for government issued ID from a in-game exchange website. I think the same when I read that review about IGXE.COM at the first time. I changed my mind when I saw some other reviews about IGXE. Some customers from IGXE said it’s nothing bad to send the documents, you can make ONLY FOR IGXE on the picture if you are afraid of leaking your information out. IGXE will never ask the documents again once they confirmed your ID. What’s kind of ID card they need? That’s a good question, driver license, identity card, passport even work ID work fine. For some reason, they may ask you to send your ID card with your face in the same picture. That’s a little weird. However, send it or not, it’s up to you, and it’s your right to protect your personal information.

IGXE runs in-game exchange business for almost 10 years. They have many regular customers who might send their documents to IGXE before. And I don’t think any of them getting trouble after sending IGXE the documents cause I never see any review like that. I think IGXE may ask for documents verification in the future if the new customer’s order information is not good enough to them. However, you can buy IGXE gold without any worry. How do you think about documents verification? Share your opinion with me.