Starting Your Journey In World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft is still seen by many as the be all and end all of mmorpg’s, but some players think that the game has been out to long and that it’s too late for them to get in on it. Well let me tell you it is never too late to get into World Of Warcraft and we are going to make it easier with some tips.

Joining A Guild
Sure you can play WOW as a lone wolf going out on your own. But chances are within your first five minutes of playing WOW you are going to get offers to join a guild. The levelling up benefits you get from joining a guild are well worth it and you may even make a few friends as well. People may even help you in the early parts of the game as well. If you do not like the guild you can always leave and join a new one.

What Are Professions?
WOW does not explain what professions are very well so let me. These are the crafting skills that you will need to progress in the game. From level 5 you can train, but it’s not very likely you will find any trainers this early in the game so head off to our nearest city so that you can learn some professions. What professions you should learn is all down to the kind of player you want to be.

Get A Good Bag Early On
It really is annoying when your bag is full and you can no longer carry any more items. So make sure that you check with as many vendors as you can so you can get yourself bags that carry much more items. Early on the most you will find will probably be bags that have around ten slots, but this is better than nothing.