Every Hunter Should Have a Hawkstrider in WOW

I once abandoned Hydra in Wrath of the Lich King of World of Warcraft, and still feel very regret. Sola check basin a BUG daily tasks has ever known, the hunter can take a ghost of a hydra through this BUG, ooze blame or crocodile. Blizzard then fix the BUG, but allows players to keep these has caught the pet. The hunter can only have a total of 4 pets at the same time, and the game has so much spirit beast to grasp. Do you know how difficult to catch a Loque’nahak? I really hate cross-server area very much.

Before Wrath of the Lich King increasing pet slot (by the way, need to spend wow gold), the hunter in the 60 s and only two in the burning crusade can activate the pet at any time. And then to the reckoning, suddenly we can take up to 25 pet. I’m sure to write the pet types of programmers have been busy dizzy, silently blessing for him. For a pet collection lover, there is nothing better than that! Then in patch 5.3, blizzard said: “… uh… do you want to add 30 pet slot? No problem, take it.”New pet slot is too sweet, but how do we collect 55 unique pet? When you catch a neat all the rare, each a spirit beast, still can catch what? Hawkstrider, of course! Each color makes a collection, of your own Hawkstrider team.

Hawkstrider are too much good, I feel it is more useful than spore bats. When your team members have been able to provide full state of gain, Hawkstrider can provide a kind of very special DEBUFF to fight, the fog of dust, which a skill that can cause the decrease protection benefit. And raptors pets, birds of prey only in such a DEBUFF superimposed on a single target, and Hawkstrider can let all targets within 10 yards stacking 3 layer sunder armor effect at the same time.

Although in patch 5.4, thieves can also get the same effect by glyphs let knife fan release overlay layer, the fog of dust of Hawkstrider is more efficient. Then how much damage the DEBUFF can bring? For hunters, all affected target can increase about 3% of the output, if use the beast down chop will be higher. All the factors together could mean the difference between lose and successful strike. So even if pay little World of Warcraft Gold for efficient Hawkstrider may give you surprise.