Guild Wars 2 Water World Preview: Benthos Mutation

Would you want to know what’s at the bottom of the 3D battle? Fantasy RPG games Guild Wars 2 will be able to tell you! In the underwater world of the guild wars 2, you will enjoy the spectacular underwater scene, experience a variety of challenges, against strong sea creatures, you can dive into the water, or on the surface of the water swimming, feel free magic water world!

Tyria world of “Guild wars 2” is a beautiful and dangerous place; there are plenty of places to explore. In addition to the land, the bottom will be a whole new world of tyria mainland of underwater inhabited by a variety of Marine fish species, many fish for casual swimmers are harmless, but there are also some fish is openly hostile. “Guild wars 2” design all kinds of frightening underwater indigenous people, and your story will also have the opportunity to further to the bottom obtaining items and gw2 gold, you have to be able to fight them!

Ring snake, is one of the most common in tyria world very terrorist snake aquatic organisms, believe that as long as all the players on the Banks of the river are often not unfamiliar to this life, as long as there is river is their habitat, the ring of snake built towers in the underwater, those imprisoned in a far away from the land, they will eat for a variety of creatures, including human and various races on land, it is a threat for all races on tyria!

Underwater world is one of the most important area of the huge “guild wars 2” open world; you need to explore every corner of the water. Underwater, also have full of diversity and dynamic events, or even your personal adventure stories sometimes will also have to go there not only for some Guild Wars 2 gold! While fighting in the water in addition to have special skills, weapons, you don’t need to worry about breathing problems, when you dive into the water, a breathing device will automatically mask on your face, to help you explore the deep sea!

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