Revenge Warrior Guild Wars 2 Norn’s Instinct Introduction

“Frost dragons bring them out of the frozen home, excellent hunter is defeated, but no matter how heavy blow to the failure of, they also won’t because of fighting defeat lost enthusiasm for life and hunting.”This is the Norn race in Guild Wars 2, who are tall, and make a living by hunting. Their mind and will never be defeated, they always believe that one day you will be successful revenge, return to their home!

Novartis has a huge body and in human form, they can be up to nine feet in height, not just their size and many muscles also than the average human effort. Norn can also become wild animals, Norn’s totem worship of the spirit of the wild animals; they are the strongest, brave, most clever and cunning animal in Shiva Mountains. The spirit of “bear” is considered to be the most powerful spirit of all, it is said that it is given grace “transformation” ability, worship the spirit of the spirit of snow leopard, ravens and the spirit of the Wolf’s grace is also very much, because the spirit warmth-loving creature who had helped them. I have once choose this role of Norn, I feel much stronger not only for its super power of earning Guild Wars 2 gold, but also its great spirit.

Highly personal heroism is Norn culture tone; they are particularly keen on the pursuit of individual success in hunt or battle, and honor. They don’t fear death, they believe that strong and brave can be immortal! So every noble grace relies on personal heroism to writing his legend. And they have a strong personal sense of honor; they will accept any can promote the challenge of individual value. Even with powerful enemies or difficult task, they would never give up fighting, hunting, and their companions!

Dear player, your role of Norn’s adventure will begin in traveler hills, Shiva Snow Mountain’s biggest family of settlement. In addition to get more gw2 gold, you need to choose to follow the spirit of the wild, or control the strong bears, or running with wolves, or cunning like a snow leopard, or as wise as the raven. The heroic deeds of here, you will be bard sung in mainland tyria!