Find Your Original Happiness in Guild Wars 2

I believe that many game players would complain that playing a game is more tired than doing a job. You have holidays when doing your job, but when you are playing a game like wow, guild wars 2 and other hot games, you can never take a rest. Endless daily tasks, endless quests, and endless equipments are always waiting for you. Though the games have tournaments, battlefields and scene battles, the upgrading tasks are still the necessary part of these games. Today, I’ll introduce a special MMORPG game, which is developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Its name is Guild Wars 2. I learned this game from an igxe gold website of Now, let’s get into this special breathing and living game and find our original happiness in it!


Guild Wars 2 is mainly a competitive game and pvp is the main theme of it. All classes can switch stances quickly to deal with various situations. As the player has the ability of mobile spell-casting and dodging, to pre-judge the enemy’s skills and dodge quickly become the key point of this game. What’s more, the graphics of Guild Wars 2 is excellent. All the sceneries, buildings or even weather look beautiful in this game. The sound of GW2 is also impressive because its position is accurate, or we can say that you can decide if you need to dodge the danger just from the sound.


Although Guild Wars 2 respects no tasks, it offers many tasks for players to be familiar with the story line and the skills. Besides, the task system of Guild Wars 2 is very interesting. When you arrived at an area, you don’t have to get a task. You can go straight to kill or collect something to help the npc, the task will be automatically activated. When you fulfill a certain amount of tasks, your relationships with npc will be improved and you can use your Guild Wars 2 Gold (GW2 Gold for short) buying things. By the way, if you want more Guild Wars 2 Gold (GW2 Gold for short), you can buy them from


The feature of this game is that you can enjoy the way you like in this game. If you want to experience the story, you can fulfill tasks freely; if you want to fight in the game, you can get into battles on full skills and levers, or even full class equipments. Guild Wars 2 has the same skill flexibility as WOW and the same battles as LOL and Dota. I believe that this game can bring players the same exciting game feelings as CS in those years.