World of Warcraft Practical Pets Recommended For Hunter

A big bright spot of hunter play in World of Warcraft is the collocation of all kinds of pet skills even team skills and hunter himself. Most pets can provide a gain or a group control skills, but also some special pets have unique comprehensive skills, the pet can only be activated under the beast mastery talent. The following is my favorite ones:

Water flies (walk on water)

These guys can let you have the ability to walk on water; even can be released on horseback. Though the water effect will disappear automatically after entering battle, but it’s is still good enough to track monster. When I was exploring the world I will bring water to fly around. In the new DLC Warlords of Draenor, upgrade process does not use flying mounts, and the existence of water flies can let you more convenient when across the lake without paying more wow gold.

Kirin (eternal guardian)

In general team has professional to fight and resurrection, but in small teams and conditions may be very different. I found on the island of eternity together in a team brush less his popularity, Kirin is very nice. In buffalo on the Vulcan garden lira a bunch of monsters, you will know how often the tank will die. Which need players to note is that this battle resurrection casting distance is 20 yards, from the position of the pet, not the player’s role, and if war after the players you want to rescue release of the soul ahead, then the skills cannot be activated.

Spirit beasts (soul cure)

I guess most of the old hunter has at least one spirit beast, even a lot of people have got all the spirit beasts, but the new hunters may not have the opportunity to meet them. Soul healing is a very good skill when the hunter is SOLO, likewise, in the process of RAID, I can open the automatic release of soul cure, basically can be seen after the battle for millions of healing output it has. Because soul heals released by the automatic card with CD release, sometimes really can save a life! So, you shoulder not only obtain more World of Warcraft Gold, but also to tame a spirit beast, which will increase your fight ability actually.