How to Improve the FIFA 14 Defense

Are you getting bored with playing the same formations in FUT? Good News! Ultimate Team in FIFA 14 will be introduced to nine different formations providing you to take your tactical game to the next level.
Not only that, formation card has been removed from your consumables pile which means you’ll be able to try out these different formations at will without having to worry about changing your players’ formation or buying and selling players.
The different formations also look like they will open up a great deal more chemistry options letting you link together more of your favorite players than ever before.

We can find and study some tactics strategy from, discuss with the senior players always make you benefit. In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team matches, how to create more shoot opportunities is very important, but how to guard against rivals have such chances is equally important.

In the game, a defensive position error may let you lose it. First you have to avoid exposing weaknesses. You can make a list to check which areas of your lost ball often, to determine yourself defensive weak area.

The best team also should have appropriate formation

Note that when you choose the team even if have the best team in the game does not mean that your defense will automatically become perfect. Let’s take Bayern Munich as an example, their team defensive ability will make you satisfied. Then into the choice of team formation interface, if you’re always lost the ball in the middle area, so you can use 5-3-2 formation, of course, you can insist on choosing 4 defenders tactical.

Choose the best defensive player to begin. For players on both sides of the acceleration is one of the most critical links. You need arranging central defender jumping ability excellent players. Don’t forget to do you want for transfers will be against his own weakness to arrange.

“FIFA 14” is not the most innovative in the series of games. It is not like in the previous games skills to learn. Nonetheless those changes are let the FIFA series of games is more aggressive, more enjoyable, and more attract us. In order to play more smoothly, we can also buy cheap FIFA 14 coins. These FIFA coins can help us at the appropriate time approached. All in all, FIFA 14 bring us more intense game experience.