Custom the WOW Fortress Architecture in Your Style

World of Warcraft DLC 6.0 “fortress” function unprecedented provides players with a real belong to your own larger space, and also brought more require players to make their own decisions, such as a large amount of detail management content.

Architecture is a stronghold of the whole “components” – including the stables, farms, mines, the armory, and so on. These buildings can attract and train followers, manufacture items, to complete the task, and speed up the task execution efficiency. Fortress of each building can upgrade, after upgrade function is stronger and more beautiful. For example, upgraded army size will be bigger; at the same time also can increase at the same time the number of followers to perform a task.

Players can choose building construction. Small buildings (mainly related to manufacturing) can only be placed in a small space; large buildings such as barracks will not be able to build on the small space. Initial fortress has enough space to build large buildings. After the fortress upgrade, the player will get more large building space and more types of large construction, and strengthening of existing buildings. The horde and alliance players’ fortress will be great difference in appearance, and the fort can build an area in the region of Draenor. Players can specify the layout of the fortress (walls of building location), and can choose to like building. At the same time, the type of furniture and decoration in construction, effect of different games can be customized by the player with some wow gold.

In addition, players can show itself to the small team players with camps of the fortress, they can also be within your fortress free activities, such as interact with NPCs. If you have other players don’t have the material, you can go to the other player’s fortress, exchange these materials for your lack of.

When you custom fortress architecture, you can choose different addition and skills provided by the construction. For example, a mining specialization bonus can speed up the miners’ acquisition, while another bonus increases the probability of finding ore rare. In addition, there are some construction makes it possible for player has yet to learn the business skills with World of Warcraft Gold-and, of course, it can’t be full.