Full Blood Defeat a Powerful Enemy is Not Difficult in GW2

“The copy needs a healer!” When you join in the team excitedly, found that a professional healer had joined the team a second before you, so you are forced to give up and leave the team, the pursuit of perfection of utilitarian let such examples abound in the game. But in the Guild Wars 2, you will not be disturbed because of your job.

Every job in GW2 is versatility, it has many attacks, treatment and defensive skills, and you can freely choose and make free combination in the battle. Elementalist, for example, that is a job given priority to high damage with magic, but what if your teammates are all Elementalists? You can quickly take a set of high damage fire elementals skills switching to water element curing his teammates, or Earth Elemental skills which can enhance defense capabilities. There is not a traditional iron triangle; the same professional can also rely on the skill sets out the characteristics of different! This fresh pleasure may much more strongly than you work hard earning gw2 gold.

Are you still silly standing there to fight with the enemy? Do struck a certain need to face to face? No, no, so that you really are too OUT, producers in Guild Wars 2 increase such elements set the rolling to your combat, you can be in the running to cast attack of the enemy, or you can rely on the rolling around in continuous operation evade the enemy’s attack and coherent, with one!”Evasion” will no longer be a numerical probability, skills will not determine your success or failure, as long as you are a practical strong keyboard player, full blood defeat a powerful enemy would not be difficult!

This is the guild wars 2 want to bring players battle experience. Not to pursue a serious utilitarian battle, the game is not only to earn Guild Wars 2 gold to get worse and equipment; but hope that you can feel that you are in a real world, you are pure real competitive experience again and again, this is a experience adventure you and your comrades together.