FIFA 14 Defensive Skills Strategy

Like FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, this kind of football sport games was admired by game players. But many of them said that they don’t know how to play it skillful. There are a lot of problems encounter when player in the game. Recently some players feedback that they don’t know how to defensive opponent. There we give you some defensive skills strategy advice come from .

Different buttons and combination method will produce the different effect in FIFA 14. This is the charm of the FIFA 14. How to break through the defence, this is a lot of new players encountered problems. Buying cheap FIFA 14 Coins will make you be stronger to gain more goal in the game.

Defence Mistakes & Experience

As everyone know, there are three Defence keys for short pass function
(A)— Defensive strategy,shoot(B)— long pass(A)— slide tackle

First,let us talk about the defence mistakes, because of B key defensive have the pulling shirt effect, so we dependent on the B key when defense.
How to use A key – press A key directly, one people distance between the defensive player and the confrontation party. This kind of defense is not what we need. So what can we do? We still have to rely on the defensive player’s move and match up accelerator Key A. The significant advantage of Key A is too far away from the attacking players. Rarely causes unnecessary foul. After stealing the ball also often stays in their side, easy to strike back.

Summed up in: 80% time uses A key when defense. Don’t abuse the B key especially in the penalty area. 16% time utilizes B key when defense. When the opponent turn around to catch ball, for the ball security we can use B key without hesitation.

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