How Does A Newbie from Non-English Country Play World of Warcraft

Many persons think that World of Warcraft is a terrible game that makes a child become a monster. A TV show tells a real story: a child is addicted to WOW and does not listen to his mother, even beats his mother. At last, that mother is accused of World of Warcraft. But if you are not mad at and not addicted to it, you can learn something from World of Warcraft, especially for persons from non-English country, they can learn English fast. How meaningful it is! They play online World of Warcraft at US sever for fun, while learn English.

At first, you can create a mage account who is the most beautiful human beings mage. Since mage is the most independent professional, who can transfer around all cities and do food by himself. And mage professional does not need to ask for help, it is suitable for those World of Warcraft gamers who do not have friends and acquaintances. At Thaurissan sever; there are so many gamers from Japan, Singapore and Southeastern countries.

Choosing right time is also important. When New Zealand is eleven o’clock, Singapore and Southeast is seven o’clock, Sydney is nine o’clock. All in all, it is prime time. At this time, there are so many World of Warcraft gamers. At this time, European England is eleven o’clock AM, France and German are twelve o’clock, American Los Angeles is three o’clock AM, Houston is five o’clock AM, New York is six o’clock AM, and there are so few gamers.

When you begin to play World of Warcraft, probably someone come to fight you. You should fight back. You need to do task to level up and farm WOW gold. And you will meet all kinds of trouble. Folk custom at US sever is strong. Since you are not familiar with the task and don’t understand language, you need to look up dictionary. So this is a good way to learn English. In fact, World of Warcraft English language is much more difficult than daily English. You may take long time to understand tasks instructions. Gamers say local English, for example, ty=thank you, cy=see you, cya=see you again, w8=wait, pls=please, pst=please send tell, wts=want to sell, wtb=want to buy, wtf=what the fuck, lfg=look for group, inv=invite,it need some time to level up, especially for newbie.