Help you rediscover the Orc Clans in Draenor of WOW

In the new DLC of World of Warcraft, Orc clans have long been in the fight for high hegemony of Delano, but due to the intervention of Grom’arsh, and his oath to ethnic unity efforts for the realization of common cause, to repair the rift between the Orc clans gradually, the only exception is the frost Wolf clan. Although you may be familiar with many of the clan members, we still want to spend some time to introduce to you. Some of these orcs may be different with you former impression.

Frost Wolf clan: Durotan is frost Wolf clan leader, he is the legendary leader Thrall’s father, the orcs azeroth origin (Durotar) is also named after him. Frost Wolf clan renowned for fierce one-to-one combat capability, although the amount of them is fewer than other clan, strong and full of cohesion characteristic makes them no less than with other clans and more Wolf’s close ties let their ability with might doubled.

Shadowmoon clan: under the leadership of the chief resistance to the progenitor, the orcs in the valley of the shadow on their home. They are connected with the spirit world; there are many prophets in their prophet, Chaldean and Deathwhispers. Their power comes from their proficient in the dark arts.

Broken hand clan: leaded by Kargath Bladefist, settled in the Anouchka peak. The former slaves used in pain by means of self-harm and torturer gain abnormal sensation, which is the pursuit of this kind of pleasure to bring them together. The orcs believes that the strength can be obtained in the pain of the body; they all are ruthless and evil warrior.

Blackrock clan: under the guidance of Black Hand chief, this is a disciplined, organized the militarization of clan, and itself is a blacksmith in and expert blacksmith. They are armour of sharp, good at using a brute force and hand weapon to destroy the enemy.

Warsong clan: leader is legendary Orc, Grom’arsh, they will be fertile land of Nagrand chosen for their homes. The cavalry in speed and maneuverability in the battle, quick, have fled before the enemy didn’t react. They loud roar can arouse companion’s morale in the heart, and those who dared to hinder are half dead with fright.

Ring clan: under the leadership of the Kilrogg Deadeye, the clan settled in tana jungle. They are enthusiastic and primitive clan, with a violent wrath against him, their clan elders sacrificed one eye to gain the ability to predict the future, with the predicted that benefit the people.

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