The Detailed Analytical of FIFA14 Defensive Experience

As is known to all, defense of fifa14, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team has three buttons: short pass (A) – defensive strategy; shoot (B) – closest approach; long ball (A) – slide tackle. (Blocking the passing line is beyond the scope of operation, which is what consciousness)

First to speak my own misunderstanding, as the B key defensive may lead the pulling effect of jersey, so his defense is very dependent on the B key, but the disadvantages is obvious — positive defensive players, press the B key will directly out of the foot and hard time is very long, 1 second direct kick on the front of the area is very deadly, so to re-examine defensive way, strategy defense A key is paid more attention. Only you win the game, you will get more reward and cheap fifa 14 coins.

How to use the A key? Holding A button, the defensive player of the ball to keep A distance, the eye defense is not what we need, what shall we do? Still have to rely on the defensive player of the move and accelerate the key with A key, can do A good job in defense, A key advantage obviously, will not be attacking players left too far, rarely cause unnecessary foul, the area will not hard because of the disorderly foot straight to comfortable shot space, stealing the ball after the ball also often stay in their side, easy to make anti-attack.

Defense time by 80% with A key, especially the area don’t mess with the B key;16% of the time with the B key defensive, the other party to turn around and catch the ball, the ball can be determined with the B key, breakthrough by opponent, the defender has been behind the ball can use B, (if side by side, the player and the ball can use A, B) can also be used when defender has pull and the effect of suction on the ball quickly;4% of the time with A key defense, is too much on the ball they can’t quickly pounced on the other side. Please rely on the defensive player’s movement and accelerators cooperate with the A key defense. If you need to know other related content, please pay attention to igxe.