Recruiting Followers Get Your Fortress Working More Efficiently

In World of Warcraft new DLC Warlords of Draenor, your fortress construction will be a permanent impact on the entire game world: in the fortress, you can manage and build various buildings, recruit workers and so on.

Followers are a group of the NPCs recruited by players and stationed in the fortress. You can send them to complete the various tasks to strengthen the fortress, or collecting trophies for your character. So maybe you will save a part of wow gold as other usage. You can also give them orders – such as making items or collect resources, whether players online or not. Followers, of course, there is a character level, item level and characteristics, these Settings will affect the completion of tasks and commands. For example, if the tracker has mining features, then you can assign him to gather ore mine for you. Followers can be divided into ordinary, good, rare and epic followers; different degrees of rare determine its characteristics.

If you want to let your fortress operations more efficient, you need the assistance of followers. Some followers will attracts thousands; some need you to improve the hotel to attract them. Of course, with the development of the plot, the completion of the task, you will get more followers’ trust, or even spend World of Warcraft Gold to hire. When there is no mission, your followers will be stationed at your fortress. Fort system’s main purpose is to let followers live flexible, and more interesting to show in front of the players – for example, if a follower in dungeons failed the task in a certain area, they would be imprisoned; when you went to the downtown there, you will be able to save him.

You can send followers to perform different tasks. Successful completion of the tasks you can let you get used to upgrade the resources of the fortress, and could get the spoils as well as wow gold, strong and followers will gain experience for these tasks. In the task of resources including the business skills needed materials and fortress of special materials. For example, if you sent a follower to mining, you will get the ore, also could dig up stone be used to build and upgrade of building.

In addition, followers will grow stronger with players. In the process of level 90 to level 100, followers will level role, upgrade their skills will be made stronger, mission success rate is also higher. Also, following their own equipment and level of the item will improve followers; when level 100, the role of the equipment will be increasingly important.

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