The Hero’s Journey in Guild Wars 2 Revealed RPG Real Charm

From the literal translation, RPG game is “role-playing games”, its core is to play, the game of story, and the plot is the soul of it. Whether past, present and future, plot is the root of the RPG. Dear player, you recently play the RPG with such an experience? After entering the game, click NPC to access tasks, and fulfill tasks, and then you choose to exit. When you choose another a role-playing game, you began to do the same thing again, and then quit. Why is this? Is role playing games not your favorite type? In Guild Wars 2, will players also have this game experience? Of course, not!

GW2 will show players a living world. Players can inject the role of unique background, character, beliefs, dreams, etc. depend on their preferences, of which each choose a different achievement will be a different adventure stories, if your character is a “the rich”, then you future hero road is rights struggle, and you can go deep into the palace, together with other noble friend aristocratic rescue abducted. If your character is an “underlying the poor”, then your adventure will become into the street gangs ACTS as the undercover, exposing harm the plot of the city as well as earning Guild Wars 2 gold. RPG charm has opened from the step of creating the role in GW2!

If create role is only open RPG charm, so after entering the game, hero journey will express RPG charm vividly. Plot of GW2 made up of many different branches, each player making a different choice means a different hero adventure! For example, players can choose to join one of three major groups: Night’s Watch, Matthew and Cryptolalia Cult.

If following collection of knowledge Matthew, in the future players will be to find a sword made in dragon blood; to join the famously spy and spying Cryptolalia Cult, you will be with them and looking for the whereabouts of informant; Join the Night’s Watch makes his legion of the battle, you have to stop destroying human and shire peace treaty traitor. Compared with the traditional single plot instructions of the online RPG, the guild wars 2 gives players, of their own unique heroic epic, not only the pleasure of single fight and obtain gw2 gold.