GW2 Gold Thief PvP Double Guns Guard Build Share Lost Bullet

GW 2 is popular with many people who usually used to play PvP. There is a button operation to keep a little less playful, less tired. You could try guardian Wand + one-hand hammer-concentrator (meditation blood + symbolic blood + commitment to virtue + recycled gifts of meditation). Although these methods can successfully fill up, but always enough anencephaly. If you have enough Guild Wars 2 gold, make full use of resources to arm yourself. In one-to-many and constantly being dizzy case, this is totally inadequate by using means of blood as the focus of support, even if a large amount of blood consumed quickly, plus guardian congenital less blood.

Some people have tried guardian department of sanctification, but there are also those problems. Weapon skills are not enough without simpleness (for the defense). Regardless of the fact that reflective wall and temple of the GW2 gold are valiant, but the little techniques just fight alone, had to relay each other weapon skills. And despite the fact that beetle5, shield5, amplitude transformer5, wand5 and so on, are good skills to keep within the melee, but the biggest limitation is the cool down.

Uninterrupted set under fire, even if you can give full play to all skills, it is only the last gasp. The twilight of the gods, in the cooling time, you will become weak.

Therefore, only the weapons of the thief in Guild Wars2 have no cool down, and her abilities to survive have always been high. And the mood is optimistic that before the construction. When you master this skill, it will help to earn lots of GW2 gold for you. Someone has been tried short bow 3 with smokescreen, but also can do some blind of combination technical, but because of the range of defensive points (cannot always been ham bow 3 points, even pros and cons dodge, the prepared difficult and short time hard straight let the enemy take advantage of opportunity, also has contrary to the principles of simpleness XD) and the other skills of short bow less for Defense, cannot hold lasting, so without again wanted to.

For long-distance attacks, smokescreen laid down, if you use combo skills, long-distance makes enemy blindness. Opponents are a distance, smoke screen and CD. 5 Black Powder +2 Body Shot or 3 Unload or 4 Head Shot, and combos (Combo), distance makes their blindness. Depending on the case, 2 Holder so skills +100%Physical Projectile, 3 attack skills +20%Physical Projectile, 4 dizzy rescue skills+100%Physical Projectile.

GW2 has a sort of magic power that cannot to resist. Then, recently relatively free, I particularly want to see if there’s simple gameplay, so it contributed to these key points to help you master this skill that fights monster easier to earn more Guild Wars 2 gold.