Watchman in Guild Wars 2 Will Be a Perfect Support

When mentioned that the role of Watchman in the game, you will think of the “high blood and thick skin” meat shield type profession. In Guild Wars 2, the Watchman is the master of defense, but you will only regard the Watchman as “T”, that would be a mistake; he is more a collection of the output and the auxiliary warrior! Here is to see how Watchman will play together traditional iron triangle.

Watchman of GW2 is a dedicated fighter, draw strength from their own different virtue protection ally, beat the enemy. True Watchman is a brilliant tactician and selfless defenders, they know when to sacrifice their own defense, help Allies win victory. In the battle, the Watchman wearing heavy armor can use the “courage” virtue, using their own blood to resist the enemy’s attack and defense, at the same time, the spot of Watchman comes from his shield, providing shield to protect for himself and his teammates. So when you choose the Watchman role, you not only need to undertake tasks earning gw2 gold, but have the mission to protect other fighters.

Jobs in Guild Wars 2 are versatile, the Watchman is also not exceptional, and the “justice” virtue determines they can have a good output on the battlefield. Holding hands of big swords, the watchman can not only jump, also can cast a whirlwind attack, and making fireballs in all directions, creating huge damages to the enemy. If you’re a watchman of GW2, you can not only become a solid shield, also can become a sharp spear.

The watchman role also needs Guild Wars 2 gold to exchange excellent equipment, so you may have to join more fight. On the battlefield, the watchman is a perfect support, Watchman “determination” virtue can regenerate your life, not only can treat the Allies around you at the same time, the Watchman can cast protect totem on the battlefield, it can be damage to the enemy and bring his teammates buff effect. Such as “loyalty totem” will attack the enemy at the same time for treatment for his team-mates.