New WOW PvP World in Warlords of Draenor Awards Not Only Gold

People always are interested to the unknown; try their best to want to be able to get some definite news. As a fan of WOW, so natural and more be willing to share with you the latest game information. Today, I’ll talk about the World of Warcraft DLC 6.0 PvP Innovation. There is the PvP Summary: World PvP zone, UI improvements, Battleground rewards and Trial of the Gladiator.

Ashran will be a new world PvP zone. And will remain for the state of this area. Wintergrasp combat has a start and end time, but always in carrying on the fight here. Camp here with full suit cross-server technique, balance, and will allow you to build a command siege mounts. When you join the fight for the first time, you will find that being given the task of and subject to change according to the status of the current fight. The more close to the enemy base, the difficulty will be higher. According to the current situation, for example, your goal may suddenly change from attack to repair the fortress, or gathering resources required for maintenance. At the same time, your group will also have the opportunity to drive the camp’s chariots, and some steel tribal war machine.

More for players to rejoice is, of course, the new PvP without population limit, and take cross-server mechanism. This may be a big chance for some fans easy to fight with worldwide players and get more awards as well as wow gold.

The scorecard of the battlefield will be improved to better help you understand your performance on the battlefield. A new battlefield “score” data will be used for your performance statistics, such as: back, interrupt flag of the enemy occupied the number of times, treatment, damage output, the Numbers of goals, and more. In addition to this, the banner of the timer object, as well as other game related timers are now available on the map, and there will be additional animation. So that both sides can know before a goal was occupied by the rest of the time, and set up corresponding attack or block. Winners fought to win the honor, of course, want to have a booty reward – this time the game producer but also increases the bonus chips. The winning player will get: PvP items, random binding equipment, consumables, and more items, and these can exchange into World of Warcraft Gold.