Asura Call up Golem Helping You Win the Battle and Gold

In Guild Wars 2 wide Tyria capacious land, you can often see a group of similar “robot” monsters, they are aggressive, wreak havoc, is a powerful warrior. The “robot” is the wisdom of tyria race – the great invention of Asura, they are residents of the mainland is called “Golem”.

Golem is the automatic machine using crystalline energy the core manufacturing by Asura, which is made of stone and other natural materials that have been processed. Golems have huge body and the precise structure has a strong combat effectiveness, but compared to their small host Asura, they still seem lack of intelligence. They are Asura brawn and battle companions.

Diminutive Asura is the most intelligent race of tyria, although these magical inventors are short in height but intellectual giants. Asura use their knowledge and skills to maintain their dominance with magic and technology. So when you get the help from them, you may feel much easy to obtain award and Guild Wars 2 gold to exchange more excellent items.

In the Guild Wars 2 world, each race has its own elite skill, Asura elite skills is calling up the bloodcurdling Golem fighting with you together. In a fight, you can summon attack golems, as well as defense golems, even making up super Golem, raises power armor, you and your friends can enter the operation fighting with the enemy.

In large scale on the world battlefield, the Golem will also be one of the most important large siege weapons, players can not only manipulate it launch powerful fighting impact hammer break the gate, it can also be used to attack the camp, provide maximum security for the victory of the battlefield! So you needn’t to worry about the battle and income of gw2 gold with such great help.