Guild Wars 2 Encounters PvP Problems

Even through Guild Wars 2 is becoming more and more popular; some problems make ArenaNet developers confused. Now more details are in the discussion, such as watching mode, professional balance, playback, ladder rank, and so on. ArenaNet clearly puts forward the goal “allow guild wars 2 into a higher level, combine the first person shooter, real-time strategy and multiplayer, want players and spectators like guild wars 2“.

But it is hard to create an open PVP community that also owns a friendly and competitive atmosphere for Guild Wars 2. There are different kinds of players, such as some players like to buy GW2 gold, but some professional gamers hate it and like to earn Guild Wars 2 gold by themselves. What’s more, battle mode is a serious problem. This idea makes gamers think of world of warcraft, its PvP championship is at an embarrassing position.

Taiwan’s guild ever made a comment and mentioned their concerns about such a competitive game: “do you remember the first Taiwan WOW televised arena game last month? It is really a disaster, because the two sides tactics have been found out, and treatment technology is quite good, so they can’t judge the winner beyond scheduled half an hour”. Perhaps you will say this championship is too exciting, but think this case from another side, when a stranger for World of Warcraft may have interest in watching this televised arena game for the first 5 ~ 10 minutes, and they may also feel very wonderful, what next? It is really fun to watch a championship that only has one battle mode? What’s more, TV broadcast time is limited, a three fight two win game is expected to play for 1 hour, but the first part has spent 30 minutes, then during the middle they have to install advertising, how do you deal with limited time?

Even though the way of earning GW2 gold online is different from WoW gold, GW2 gold has three kinds: gold, karma, gem. Guild Wars 2 gold can trade gem. Guild wars 2 will also inevitably face the similar dilemma. Guild Wars Beside, Guild Wars 2 content is designed to balance needs of the good professional players and casual gamers outside, they also need to balance a good audience, narrator and demand between the players.