Some Leveling Guides to FF XIV – A Realm Reborn

As a new player of FFXIV, I’d like to share some leveling strategies for FF players at For reference only, there may be some people will feel these suggestions inside may let leveling process becomes a little boring.

Starting – When embarking on your journey in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time, you will be born in the following starting areas; it will depend on your class choice.

Gridania – Archer, Conjurer and Lancer
Limsa Lominsa – Arcanist and Maurauder
Ul’Dah – Gladiator, Pugilist and Thaumaturge

Your first 15 levels will be spent in your starting zones; you can also learn the basic mechanisms of the game in these zones. Your main Scenario task start from here, and will lead you into the deepest parts of the game. One important thing you need to note is that if you’re interested in unlock Job, you will not enjoy the convenience of having your main scenario task to guide you through you’re in the process of the alternative. (Note: take on a Job need a particular deputy profession achieve level 15, which means you need to repeat the leveling process of a level 1 to 15)

When you get level 15, and kept up with the main Scenario task line at the same time, the real journey starts and you will have the chance to go to the other 3 zones. Finally, you can adventure the Dungeons with other Final Fantasy XIV players.

Basic Tips for Leveling collect from
– Make sure when you have some FFXIV Gil that you can buy some food (depending on your class), they will give you 3% extra boost

– There is no need to in the first level 15 to use FF14 Gil buy any equipment or weapons. Because you will be in a very short time through level 15, there is no reason to waste FFXIV Gil for them

– No matter what you do, make sure that you keep up with the main Scenario task. Before you unlock the Airship task, you can’t leave your starting area.

– To ensure that every five levels to follow up to date with your class quests for weapons and armor, in the process of unlocking your weapons and armor via the quest you may need to complete some single challenge. There is some job task will bring you everlasting acquiring skills or ascend.
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