Terminology References of Final Fantasy XIV

There we will share some terminology references of FFXIV, hope through the interpretation of these phrases can help you to play the game more smoothly. Those terminologies are collected by igxe.com.

Aeathernet Points – These Aeathernet Points will allow you to port around town from place to place without running.

Alternative Classes – you can select multiple deputy profession on the same character and switch between on it.

Chocobo – a kind of mount allowed you to purchase at level 21 to 22. You can ride them as devices or train them as fight partner.

Class Guild – The place you get related quests or to unlock the Alternative Class.

Duty Finder – this is an alternative way of group matching. If you can’t join in a group to find the partner play with you can form a queue for the Duty Finder and it will find one group for you across all servers.

End Game Content – The things that you can do after you reach the level of your character can be called End Game Content.

F.A.T.E – Fully Active Time Events. They may occur at any time from any location on the map. Events Task can be originating by a player or NPC(Non-player characters), any players into the area can be rewarded after the fulfill a task.

Grand Companies – each starting areas corresponds to a company, there are 3 Grand companies one for each starting area.In the game, you can choose one to join in (not necessarily your starting areas), after you to join the camp you can earn FFXIV Gil to buy items unique to camps.

Guildhest – Quests complete by small groups, they usually consist of mini dungeons, similar to WOW the battle scene.

Hunting Logs – When you hit level 5 professional class quest can be obtained, will have specific require you to kill the monster, after completing the task can get extra experience rewards.

Jobs – Before unlocked the quest each job requires its primary class to achieve level 30 and its secondary class achievement to level 15. To increase the potential of the primary class of the job will be grants new abilities, which allowing the player to fulfill a particular role in group content.
Although there is no limit, job design for group play where each person has a role to fulfill.

Levequests – You can obtain difficulty – adjustable task in the game, they have a difficulty range can be adjusted. Such likes escorting someone safely through a dangerous zone and kill quests. Fulfill higher level difficult task you can get more Final Fantasy XIV Gil and experience rewards. You can take those FF14 Gil be stockpiled over time or used as you earn it day by day.

Seals -Currency Money to buy camp items.

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