Fun of Playing the World of Warcraft Not Just Gold

World of Warcraft was on sale in 2004, when it belongs to one of the best big games. Two continents carry a wide variety of ecological environment, and from the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale to the Tanaris desert. However, today’s wow is much larger compared with before. You can take the ferry to the northern white Northrend, through the dark portal on the devils of outland, and dive into the sea or the center of the earth, or explore the fog of the new world Pandaria. The region of WOW is increasingly broad, and they made careful and carrying an epic story and adventure after another. Players travel in this huge world even forgot the passage of time.

In addition, constantly optimize the player interface will make your game much convenient: in the past, if you want to build a new team on copy, you will need to spend a lot of waiting time, unceasingly send invitation message group channels. Today, however, wow has changed dramatically. With the practical random dungeon finder/team, you can quickly to form or join a copy of the expeditionary force, and then struck several strong BOSSES to obtain excellent items as well as wow gold before dinner ready.

Task tracking, guild panels, character attributes and equipped with the evolution of the interface in a few years dumped a bloated body, now they are smart and friendly. If you are still not satisfied with the interface, it doesn’t matter, you can choose in the thousands of players’ homemade screen, or simply to make their own unique panel.

Many online games, players need to repeatedly strike the same monster to improve their own level, process is painful and boring, but the WOW is not the case. Spreading interrelated task chain will players into the epic feel dye-in-the-wood even across space and time dimension of the center of the big event. Nesingwary Hunting team let you feel the essence of ace hunter, keel wilderness mission line reached a climax in the attack on the forsaken capital, a trivial will eventually help you to get involved in the tidewater of time, again the experience of old epic event. With impressive story, WOW players don’t have to worry about need to Elwynn forest again and killing wild boar. But you will get more ways to earn the World of Warcraft Gold you need.