Sharing Resources in GW2 Make Game Full of Human Kindness

You may have experienced the game fun when it comes to the Level dynamic. Yes, I’m one of you. Different from the traditional games, in the Guild Wars 2, character’s level attributes are down; the experience of game content and character level even is not necessarily a link between the dynamic level systems will change according to the character area level, and properties. A simple example, your character has reached the level 50, when back to level 20 Darla war zone map, your level is automatically reduced to 20 role attribute.

In addition, even you are novice players; you will feel much human kindness in the game just like the real world. “Whenever I saw other players in the field of play, I can silently stand by his side, and had struck the same strange together with him and roared off, hidden my ability.” One of my friends just enjoyed such action, he is really a good man, and doesn’t care about how much Guild Wars 2 gold he owns. In fact, this good quality of ready to help others is just the tradition of GW2.

One of the biggest differences between Guild Wars 2 and other traditional game is to make the resource sharing, whether to fight with the enemy or collection, each participating players able to obtain their own benefits, you don’t have to worry about rushing for enemy in the game completely. These things like scramble for items or gw2 gold will not happen here. In guild wars 2, you all can feel the other players to give you the “human”, everyone becomes likes to help others to play blame, and you begin to hope someone can be by your side, instead of always worrying about others to rob my things.

Even in the game, most of the time we want to see is the enthusiasm and mutual assistance between people, rather than indifference and estrangement, isn’t it?