Eight Interesting Facts about World of Warcraft You May Not Know (1)

World of Warcraft has been an “old game”. World of Warcraft on sale just start in 2004 when the children are now grown up, part of them still enjoy their own time in mainland of azeroth and outland or pan Dali and. Such a game has a rich history also buried the secret of the unknown. These facts might surprise you!

Real World:

In order to support the vast world, World of Warcraft server connection to the telecom operators AT&T multiple data centers on the world. So essentially, where the data center located is the place in the real world of azeroth, which is including San Diego, Dallas, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, and so on.


For operating MMO game, the server is always the most important part, WOW requires a giant server to meet all of the players. Around the world support the entire game hardware including 13250 servers running blades, 75000 core, 112.5 terabytes (terabytes) memory and 1.2 petabytes (1 bytes = 1000 terabytes) the hard disk. Even the wow golds we earn in the game is also made of bytes. It was only the data in 2009, along with the continuous renewal of the game; we guess it must expand many times now.

User group:

When the fourth DLC of the WOW, Mists of Pandaria online, the game of users has exceeded 10 million, this is an unprecedented feat; blizzard entertainment broke the records of 9.1 million users before the creation of their own. Paid at one time the number of users reached 12 million, the game’s current momentum remains strong. When you are fighting for much World of Warcraft Gold, you are not lonely but with so many players.


World of Warcraft in the attraction of the people is so great that its users including some well-known celebrities at ordinary times. Movie star Vin Diesel, Felicia Day, baseball player Curt Shilling, basketball star Yao Ming are fans of World of Warcraft.

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