Eight Interesting Facts about World of Warcraft You May Not Know (2)

As the loyal fan of World of Warcraft, we may know much about the story or skills of some job, but some interesting facts you may have never heard before. Here, I will continue sharing the other four interesting facts with you, friends.

Political figures:

Colleen Lachowicz is a Maine, democratic candidate senator, in 2012, she’s political opponents press release issued an unusual, against her has a level 85 character of thieves rich of cheap wow golds in the World of Warcraft, said she had a strange double life, also launched a called for “need a Maine senator in the reality of life, instead of living in a fantasy world, Colleen” activities. I guess the candidate senator must have had a lot of support from game players during that time.

Tragedy of sudden death:

We sometimes hear news that a player to play a game too long and then sudden dead, and the World of Warcraft are doomed. In order to avoid such a situation, players once play in a while for more fun as well as earning wow gold, the best is to stand up, walked a while do sports will be better. WOW game never encourages players to overload, also remember to load the tips of the interface? One believes that many players have impressed: “bring your friends and family to azeroth, also don’t forget to play outside together with them.”


World of Warcraft had appeared many imitations, including WOF (World of Fight), magic and wizards fury and so on. They have very similar user interface and the game elements just like WOW. Of course, we can’t blame them, because the WOW is a good game, the advantage of learning it is nothing wrong. But I want to say is that original is the most important.

Interesting data:

According to data collected by an MMORPG Realm website, blizzard in World of Warcraft invested 150 developers on the game, they in the four years of time to write more than 5.5 million lines of code. The code created 1400 locations and 30000