Some Suggestions about How to Improve FIFA 14 Defenses

When it mentioned about the sports games, FIFA series has much fans, especially the newest Fifa 14 Ultimate Team are much popular among players. But not everyone is good at defense; here I will share some practical tips of defense with you.

To ensure that the central defender has enough size and strength, so that they can advantage when head (jumping ability is higher than 85). For Bayern Munich, put his left-back position defenses cross each other. Ram speed and tackling ability is very outstanding. The central defender position with Dan, and Allah: they both physical quality and jumping ability than Ram.

If the players form a single pole, the ball toward your goal, and his front had no defensive players beyond the goalkeeper, defend the goal you need to assess the situation. To accomplish this goal, the best thing to do is to let your opponent feel nervous so that you will have the chance to get more fifa 14 coins. Because the strikers are chasing by your defender, so you can force him unable to make a decisive choice. How to do? A method (not everything) is to make the goalkeeper directly attack this kind of situation is suitable for the ball are far away from the forward, the purpose is to let the other side think it difficult to control the ball.

And in most cases, we can let goalkeeper out a little distance (not too much). The opponent strikers unconsciously think goalkeeper rushing out, so choose immediately shot. Normally shot will be blocked, because the distance of the goalkeeper is not so far as he imagined, so we still have enough time to make save moves. The defense action may not help you earn enough fifa coins, but it will curb the opponent win the game.

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