Warrior Job is Most Popular in Guild Wars 2

There is a job has become the most keen to play a role even before the video games sprout, when the game art is confined to the text and desktop player. There is a job, experienced electronic games long career to evolve, but have never been out of the iron triangle, and always occupy the most important position in jobs pyramid. There is a job, as long as you stand behind him, you will feel safe. Yes, today let’s talk about the career named warrior in Guild Wars 2.

Battle-hardened soldiers, just as its name implies, only the name is enough to interpret the essence of the warrior job. Without talent (compared to the warlock), overstepping faith (compared to the paladin), lack of wisdom (compared to the mage), energetically less (contrast berserker). To say what in their heart of possessing, I’m afraid only war, after all, only war can achieve the warrior. If you choose this job, only war can make you rich of gw2 gold as well as being an excellent role.

Warrior in guild wars 2 is extremely similar with my idea of a warrior, offensive and defensive, proficient in a variety of weapons. The highest natural health growth and body wearing heavy armor to warrior’s output condition is better than the other class at any time. Anger and multi-type weapon system and gave the soldiers output multifaceted. Because of these reasons, the soldier’s popularity is far higher than other professions. If nothing else, the abbreviation of guild wars 2 is GW2, players have questioned, G is the Guardian and W is a Warrior.

For jobs recommended, I do not recommend the guardian as starting career, because micro operations of guardian is too much, but the warrior can only make protect 1/2 or less operation revealing a better value than guardian in groups, not even mention their reward as well as cheap gw2 gold online. Attack is higher, rough skin in can attack and defend, stand in the original place, this is the warrior of Guild Wars 2.