World of Warcraft 6.0 Tribal Politics Analysis: Who Will Represent the Orc?

After the end of siege Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft, there is a problem has been bothering me: who will lead the tribes of the orcs in the future? Tribes of other ethnic groups all have their own faction leader, but in Galveston Ruston was defeated, after the birth of the new tribal sheikhs will, and we will also face a situation never encountered, Vol’Jin new emirates will succeed, and no longer directly led by the Orc tribe.

Many people have seen the siege Orgrimmar plot at the end of the animation; the problem seems to have a very simple answer: obviously Thrall will the job again, right? He was the first to kneel, claiming that will be loyal to the new tribal sheikhs. However, after watching many times repeatedly, you may have found that what he said is his new chief will follow. What he said doesn’t mean anyone else. It’s brought a new problem-if Thrall has not become the representative of the orcs, who will fight under this banner? In addition to undertake the tasks and obtaining wow gold, we players always concern more about the story line.

Now the tribes, the orcs of the situation is quite complicated. Many of the Orc heroes have to stand out against Galveston Ruston, such as Thrall, Varok Saurfang, and Eitrigg, other support in Galveston Ruston, tribal heroes such as siege Orgrimmar a celebrated the end of his own fate. But given the Galveston Ruston, mobilization of large Numbers of troops at the time, in addition to a large number of orcs dragon maw and Blackstone, the crazy leader once supported by much Thrall’s old subordinate, Nazgrel fulfilled its pledge to fight to the death to the chief. But there are also many, for example, rehears nu seems to hide, while Iraq trig in Galveston Ruston, start the crazy action before trying to persuade him.

So who will lead the orcs out and solve various crises in sight? Can Thrall bear such a burden? The former “world shaman” has alienated his people? If not Thrall, who will be? When you tired of earning World of Warcraft gold, dear player, what do you think about? Please leave a comment below.