Upgrade Skills of FF14-ARR for Level 30-35

If you are the fan of Final Fantasy XIV-ARR, you won’t miss this skill sharing form Igxegold.com. Some F.A.T.E. will require you collecting items for an NPC nearby, if you are doing these F.A.T.E., until the last minute of the F.A.T.E.to put the things to the NPC, such F.A.T.E.countdown will maximise the xp gain as they do not affect the F.A.T.E timer. So as long as no one went to turns in anything where you can safely AOE grind the mobs, you can easily get 30+ exp chains rewards and which will dwarf any reward exp from other F.A.T.E.

You don’t need to be at the F.A.T.E. until each F.A.T.E.completed. In the duration bar (on the right side of the screen quest log) hits 60-75% of complete, you can move to an other F.A.T.E. place (if it is available). This will gain you chain your xp, giving you xp bonuses. But need to pay attention that if you are level synced and you leave. (your level will be restorable after going out), so you won’t get experience.

Tip: the last tip is to try to”tag” as many mobs as you can, just like free exp for being the first group to hit a mob. If you tag to a BOSS mob, you will usually get the an extra 500-1000 of experience, get the small normal trash mobs will also give you the normal exp of your current levels. On many of the F.A.T.E., you will kill a lot of mobs tagging them can give you a large amount of extra experience in reward.

If you choose to power leveling by F.A.T.E. team, when at level 35, after finished your Job Quest, back to catch up on your Main Scenario task with Final Fantasy xiv gil is a good choice, because there are not much F.A.T.E., so the speed of 35-40 level would be slow.

Tip: No matter how, don’t forget to do your F.A.T.E.task, they occasionally give you considerable experience ascension. So make sure not to miss any F.A.T.E. as you pass through areas doing your mission.

Once you keep up with your Main Scenario quests, you do when you meet the Titan where you will encounter new trial Tirial Lord of the Craq (required level 34). The fighting is very similar to the previously encountered the Ifrit at level 20. Pay attention to hide AOE ground you.

After that, you can directly go to the next dungeons – The Sunken Temple of Qarm (required level 35). The dungeon is not is not tied into the main Scenario. It can be picked up from the Waking Sands in Vesper Bay (Ul’Dah). This dungeon is the first instances which requirement you can use multiple strategies when fighting bosses.
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