FF14-ARR Power Leveling for Level 38-45

There we shall share some Final Fantasy XIV Power Leveling tricks collect from igxegold.com. At level 38, a new dungeon which called Cutter ‘s Cry will be unlocked. This instance is different from the Sunken Temple, is the relatively simple one, and can be skipped unless you join is Ul ‘Dah camp because the camp’s Hunting Log request kill one of the mobs only appear in this instances.

Tip: with extra experience and ffxiv gil and power leveling, please make sure that you won’t miss you the contents and professional tasks of the Hunting Log.

Both your Main Scenario task and Hunting Log will lead you to a new area – Certhas. In the power leveling process of 40-45 grinds, you’d better can settle home here.

Recommendations for power leveling:

Unfortunately, in the power leveling process of 35-40, there really isn’t any optimal way to gain xp. So this is the best time to make sure that your Main Scenario task and Hunting Logs are caught up before move to the next area.

Level 40-45

After pre – 5 slower pace power leveling, it’s returned to the grinding rhythm of the F.A.T.E.s. However, unlike before, you may need to pay more attention to than before to keep up with your Main Scenario task.

You grind F.A.T.E. will take place in Coerthas, but don’t expect to get as dense as you have previously been accustomed to. But they do however still give you a good experience, especially“The Flight of Savara”, this is a three part F.A.T.E., The second part of the F.A.T.E.is called “The Fight of Savara” and the third is“The Fall of Savara”.

In the meantime, the first dungeon you meet is The Stone The Vigil (required level 41). The dungeon is not very difficult, but you still need to remain vigilant.

Once you reach level 44, you will pick up a task from your Grand Company, it will allow you to begin to advance your final rank, before that didn’t open it. This task will guide you to the second and last dungeon before the final grind to 50 begins called Dzemael Darkhold. Be more careful, even if you thought you’ve always been very alert before, thinks twice. In this copy in this dungeon some fancy kiting are required for the bosses.

At Level 44, your Main Scenario task will be to guide you in your next big fight The Howling Eye Garuda. Just be well prepared for some fancy footwork.

Tip: We recommended you give the battle until you hit level 45. So that you can use your Class quest for getting some Artefact Gear.

Recommendations for optimal levelling:

– keep up with your Main Scenario quests and Hunting Log.
– Complete F.A.T.E. as much as possible.
– try not to do too many side quests, Levequest and Guildhest, yes, you need them to power leveling your sub classes.

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