Reasons for So Many Players Playing Star Citizen has introduced lot characteristics of Star Citizen. In this Part Three, we’ll go on presenting the reason’s for you want to play this new space simulator game.

In the space of Star Citizen, money (star citizen credits) isn’t everything. You can be a businessman, a miner or an industrial giant. Accumulate great wealth may be just run enough missions to earn a comfortable living and upgrades for your ship. The space of Star Citizen is empty but you are not alone. If caught alone in an online ambush, send a distress broadcast to your friends and if they’re nearby they can jump in-system to save your bacon. In each combat instance player slots are reserved for your friends so you can rally forces to join you in combat!

In Star Citizen, larger ships are much better than small ships. If you have a larger ship, your friends can join you to control turrets, repair your systems, or switch with you on the pilot’s chair. All the spaceships are accurately simulated that they could adjust their trajectory and orientation like in the real world. Like a modern day F-35, the ships have fly by wire systems which take the player’s inputs and then translate them into the commands for the ship’s engine and thrusters to articulate and deliver the required thrust to achieve the pilot’s request. Every spaceship is built from 100s of sub-components, many of them moving and articulating just like they would in the “real” world. If a component gets damaged during combat be prepared to feel the effects on your ship.

What’s more, the behavior of the spacecraft is calculated accurately by various physical variables and the spacecraft can be issued according to your needs to vector propulsion. What does this mean? Infinite customization with component damage, mass or energy changes affecting maneuverability on the fly – allowing for endless combat strategies and results. Because we are fully simulating the physics and flight dynamics, the actual components matter. If a port thruster is damaged, it will affect your maneuverability organically. If you upgrade your thruster package with enhanced thrusters that gimbals faster and deliver more thrust it will affect your performance. Dump cargo, you may be able to get the edge in turning in a dogfight.

There many other characteristics of Star Citizen and its spaceships, such as its details of the visibility, the visual degree and the strong peripheral support. We don’t expound all of them here. We believe that players have had detailed knowledge of this game, let’s look forward to it! There are also a lot of other hot games, if you want to play and want to buy game products, such as fifa 14 coins, wow items, gw2 gold and other things, you can visit to see more.