Guild Wars 2 PvP Mode and Character Features

Many gamers like to compare guild wars 2 and world of warcraft, since there are many differences between the two big MMORPG games, especially PvP mode and character differences.

WoW characters are western-like appearances. WOW divides into two great hostile camps of alliance and horde. From one side, it inherits the setting of the warcraft, on the other hand, it strengthen PVP conflicts between the players.But the game’s updated contents concentrates more on indoor PVE and PVP, so in fact it causes all kinds of wild PVP has weakened. Blizzard tries to strengthen this kind of outdoor PvP conflicts through field battle, a copy of the award, task design, etc in the panda puzzle again, but it does not work obviously.

Guild wars 2 Terran completely is Asia-like, which is quite rare in Europe and America online gaming. The guild wars 2 is not natural, wild and no PVP content. All PVP contents are concentrated in the tournament and cross-server WVW. The game setting is related to its background story, but PVE and PVP mode are in thoroughly separation, WVW part level automatically switches to full-level set. But gw2 gold and equipments gained from PvE can be available in PvP mode. It makes those gamers who are not interested in PVE content or are not interested in wild PVP be respected.

The orientalized character called Monk is popular in all kinds of blizzard games at the moment. WOW professions are around the classic tanks – output – set up treatment of iron triangle. WoW has a strict hatred system, professional cooperation precision also surpasses other online games. From the professional diversity side, the monk and shaman are distinctive professional skills talents system. With the development of the game, various professions encounters a certain homogeneity, due to various professional skills mechanism.

Guild wars 2 features the shadow illusionist profession, who is hailed as a “glass cannon”. Guild wars 2 has these professionals including warrior, the guardian, thieves, element division, the necromancer, engineers, ranger, an enchanter. These professionals have more chance to win guild wars 2 gold and prizes. Professionals skills can produce some interactive influence, such as ice storm and soldier mage earthquake skills can cooperate to add frost shield effect for teammates, which is very interesting.

From vocational difference side, illusionists and engineers are the most individual character for “guild wars 2”: illusionists fight relying on various phantom skills, engineers has all kinds of batteries or even mecha to manipulate.