Players Said the World of Warcraft Has Changed the World to Some Degree

Although have been lonely, but the world of warcraft is still the world’s most fire MMORPGs, believe a lot of players from the “60s” to “90s”, witnessed the World of Warcraft going from glory to failure. Although lonely, but to some extent WOW has to a certain extent changed the whole world. Perhaps some exaggeration, different people have different feelings, but no matter who, please move on.

Online games as the most controversial, as the longest hot online game, world of warcraft, so to speak, to some extent changed the real world. It is one of the most successful places, imitation of the society. World of warcraft in different areas of the world, there is a different server, also undertake the local culture, reflects the local social status. Now that mimics the society, also there are all you can think of: profiteers, partner, cheats, master, and comrades; affection, friendship, or love.

For a friend, the phone do not leave, the dispersion will spread, the leave sooner or later one day be separated. Agreed time online every day, maybe one day late, you think, will be in situ, etc, will be at a loss, stunned and don’t point card. And then one day, one day you finally wait not to, you will quietly go away, a person alone to the next map, don’t want to stay in this sad place. Finally, in another map, find another partner, and start another adventure. Partners are changed one by one, as equipment, only different is you will remember every partner, but you won’t remember each piece of equipment you wear as well as how much wow gold you have earned.

Finally, in a version of the end of the friends was missing, comrades all become no longer meet, you think about AFK. This is like a person into old age, young friends, not mature colleague, in the day of the lonely.WOW can still continue to wait for the next update, waiting for the next exploration, the next new experience obtaining warcraft gold for sale with friends’ journey. But life goes old, there can’t be a next life; the youth can’t again, not passion again.