Novice Operation Guidance Compared World of Warcraft VS Guild Wars 2

For novice players, you may feel confused about which excellent game you should play, especially when it comes to two famous games: World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. Maybe different people will tell you different experience; the most important thing is to try. And then, here, as a senior player, I can only share some basic elements for you.


The type of WOW picture is grand. In detail, its precision is less than a lot of games, but from the scene of the architecture, the respect such as the use of color has a very unique place. While, Guild Wars 2 is both the European and American game majestic, magnificent and Korea game’s exquisite. Whether glory on the snow or rain forest gurgling streams, including younger sister paper of the skin and the details of armour, and so on are very much in place. So, when you untaken the task or earn gw2 gold, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

New guidelines:

WOW is almost the game without new guidelines; the game start is quite difficult, not to say earning wow gold at first. But now, all kinds of set in WOW have become a lot of online games’ common standards, so the threshold of the new players into actually is not high also. As to operation, WOW is a typical traditional MMORPG; the vast majority is standing pile casting, through a variety of displacement movement of skills to enhance the game itself.

The newbie guide content in guild wars 2 is also less, only a few parts such as in the path finding ICONS. Due to the European and American games always doesn’t work in new guidelines, so the local players are used to. As to operational aspects, Guild Wars 2 is between traditional MMORPG and action games. Role itself have physical values can be used in double roll; skills also have a lot of the lock, and can be moved on the cast part. Overall operating feeling more comfortable with certain blow feeling, feel rhythm will be quicker than the traditional MMORPG.

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