Pictures and Music Comparison between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2

World of warcraft is a big game that has a large number of players and fans. But this new game called guild wars 2 is also very interesting. But what better for two masterpieces of world of warcraft VS guild wars 2 system?

Some people say that “the guild wars 2” completely subvert the traditional MMORPG, but it is exaggerated. Also some gamers say “the guild wars 2” is nominal, but it underestimates this game. This large MMORPG game of guild wars 2 takes advantage in the new system, its meticulous production and creative three kinds of cheapest guid wars 2 gold.

This article is to compare the picture and music the guild wars 2 and world of warcraft. The comprehensive comparison of WOW and guild wars 2 is to know more about these two games, not to tell you which game is better or the feature of gw2 gold, just to let everybody can enjoy more profound cognition and comprehensive analysis of two games. What are the advantages and disadvantages and the similarities and differences between world of warcraft and guild wars 2?

The type of picture WOW is grand. In detail, world of warcraft picture precision is not better than a lot of games. But the scene of the architecture and use of color is unique.

Guild wars 2 picture owns both the majestic, magnificent advantages of European and American games and exquisite features of Korea games. No matter glory on the snow or rain forest gurgling streams, or younger sister paper of the skin and the details of armour and so on, are very much in place. ArenaNet leaders ever did the warcraft 3 engine development and the construction of the blizzard Diablo, so “guild wars 2” research are still in the spectrum of the engine technology.

The music teacher of Guild wars 2 is Jeremy Soule who can be the master of the game world. Including, never winter nights, dungeon siege, ice wind valley, hammer at 40 k, three generations of the old roller series, metal gear solid – peace messengers as the score has his shadow. Music in guild wars 2 are not many, but very appropriate, the music offers an epic game atmosphere.

WOW music are familiar for many gamers, they are classical and excellent. Music in world of warcraft in new version slightly repeats and are short of freshness.