Guild Wars 2 Small Events Change World Confirm the Butterfly Effect

Now we have been tired of the same task model, tired of transition back and forth between different NPC tasks. We are not willing to passively follow only one world rules, but by the desire to own to lead the development of the game world. Guild Wars 2 dynamic event system of innovation, is our desire to perfect carrier, let the game’s story and tasks, etc., are all in the form of “dynamic events” appeared in front of you, let the whole game world interact with you.

The butterfly effect refers to a very small thing seemingly has nothing to do, can make a big difference. The dynamic events in guild wars 2 are perfect to explain it. When you explore in tyria world, you don’t know what next test you will meet. Maybe you just hang out in the map, but suddenly there will be a NPC will run to you for help, hope to get your help. Maybe you only just struck the side of the road a little monster, may be you picked up a tiny item but even a world-class large-scale events could trigger a regional level event.

dynamic event system of Guild wars 2 is by no means so simple such as fighting with a random BOSS, or refresh the random task to obtain some gw2 gold, but in the true sense of random events, and a events often is not an end, but rather will produce a chain reaction, and then spread, finally the result of the development is completely determined by your actions.

In GW2, even the rain and snow weather conditions can also cause such as dynamic events, and with or without players to participate in, as long as meet the trigger condition, these events will occur, and the development of the event to finally, also will be decided by the behavior of tyria explorers and. The dynamic events are more than thousands of, some of the large dynamic even take hundreds of people took part in events; all of these in the GW2 will become the most legendary experience on your adventure road! In addition to earning much more Guild Wars 2 Gold, would you like to become the butterfly to change the whole world of tyria?