Skills & Talent Comparing Guild Wars 2 vs World of Warcraft

For some senior players of excellent online games, their interest is not on earning money such as wow gold, but researches the skills as well as talent for more game fun. Here, I will share the comparison of skills & talent of two popular MMORPG games: Guild Wars 2 and World of warcraft.

The skills of the Guild Wars 2 system are very distinctive, can be divided into two kinds. Is a kind of weapon skill, character using different weapon will receive different 3-5 weapon skills, and each job will be able to use their various weapons from melee to remote, underwater and land each has a different proprietary skill system. Another is to professional skills, through consumption skill points, skill points are not from the upgrade but by making skills task on the map.

As to talent, it is through upgrade points, mainly for skills to provide all kinds of effects. Overall, the number of skills guild wars 2 as well as the system is simpler than WOW, players can play the game as long as eight skills, not mention to earn gw2 gold easily.

The skills of WOW system are very classical, quantity is numerous, and players tend to put on a dozen twenty or more skills in the UI interface. For talent, has been changed from tree to skill pool system, similar to diablo iii. At the same time, with little glyphs to skill increases the effect of all kinds of entertainment, richness and interesting than guild wars 2.

Skill pool system of World of Warcraft with higher degrees of freedom compared with tree; reduce the difficulty of the research talent players. From another perspective, of course, also reduced the players choose combination of skills, skills and the connection between the reduced. So whether good or bad is an opinion judgment.