Tradition and Innovation Contrast: World of Warcraft VS Guild Wars 2

Relative to the system and the gaming experience of World of Warcraft are more mature, Guild Wars 2 as a new online game that has fixed fan is not much, but it has made some unusual changes in MMOROG game in which to bring new game pleasant sensation. It will provide you much more new exciting game experience more than the only earning cheap wow golds.

World of Warcraft task was the traditional type in some extent, but the rich creativity in details; there is no lack of all kinds of classic whimsy. Plot with warcraft series for many years of accumulation is also very solid touching, but from CTM to now, due to previous accumulate basic plot was consumed, the sense and closeness began to decline, new drama and a variety of reasonless black classic characters, let a person feel slightly speechless.

Dynamic task system of Guild wars 2 is distinctive, players don’t have to answer the task or team will be able to participate in the peripheral have small to help farmers make deinsectization, big to the resultant force to kill the BOSS, and so on series of events, and this set of monsters attack as long as you have even kill isn’t regard as rob enemy is also very close to players.

As to plot, the main line is more common in fantasy set beating the dragon to save the world. But every role when creating a character hobby to choose, and it also has different branches in the main story for players to choose from, make the player’s personal story line with good personalized content, plot and the detail is fit. When you finish some task as well as earning gw2 gold, each task NPC except (dynamic) will be sent a strange thank-you letter words, let players be very admire Occident developers’ carefully delicate degree.