Five Reasons Why WOW Enjoy First Throne MMORPG Online Games

In recent years, many large MMORPG manufacturers have such question, no matter how hard the competitors, they can’t get effective to win users from world of warcraft, and so what’s the reason? Why the world of warcraft can have millions of fixed players and even lead to big warcraft gold for sale? In my opinion, its success has an integral relationship with the following five factors.

First, the link between players and game: if you’ve ever played world of warcraft, then you will know what I’m talking about. Whether you are doing the task, or RAID, or PVP, world of warcraft will not let you feel too serious, the game will not let a person feel barriers. In some cases the tasks in the warcraft can make me laugh even I get no wow gold. And other online games I’ve played before, such as star trek Online or Star Wars: the old republic warrior, the lack of a link between the game and the players. I believe it is a kind of emotional communication between games and players to keep it with energy.

Second, the players’ love syndrome: success of WOW today has large relationship with the market situation when it was originally published. At that time, world of warcraft is one of the cores of the few large-scale online games on the market. Many players still stay in the continent, because this is the place where they are familiar with, they are not willing to give up here to learn something new. Many Players who had joint on at the beginning of game sale are still fighting here. Their love is here, as well as the wealth of world of warcraft gold.

Third, top customer service: every time I get into trouble or have questions, blizzard customer service can provide the high quality service for me. Although submitted online for help form may need to wait for some time, but the customer really can help me solve the problem for the most part. They have not only professional and patient service. I really feel the customer is god. I believe that many players had a similar experience.