WOW DLC 6.0 Blizzard Intends to Bring Urban Services into the Fort

In the past year, Blizzard announced to the world of warcraft will launch new DLC 6.0 Warlords of Draenor, the expansion and officials had said before the player can create their own guild fortress. The chief content of warcraft designer Cory Mumper Stockton on twitter revealed more about the news of the Warlords of Draenor fortress system. This information includes the fortress of the garrison, and some related fortress architecture. See together! These may be much exciting than get cheapest wow gold.

We have discussed how to make the fort more feel at home, it is suggested that if you can show others in fort his achievements in the past, will bring more belonging to the system. Mumper mentioned fortress system will include milestones, through the achievements obtained; the player can put them up in their stronghold. But he also said the fort system is the core of the gaming experience, rather than allow players to put furniture or dress up. After all, this is not a “tale of warcraft” or “analog version of warcraft life”.

In the discussion, Mumper mentioned a building; the mage tower can choose a specialization, and called city portal select specialization of players can be opened by each in the fortress city of portal. After his words seemed to suggest that the magic tower will not be teachers enjoy, like other buildings, magic tower can also upgrade and select construction specializations just like the same chance to get enough safe wow gold for each job player.

Besides, he mentioned information, which is these construction drawings can be obtained from monster, task, reward and vendors as well as best price world of warcraft gold, at the same time again hinted that the building will be open to all classes.